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To ensure that complaints and disputes received by SUCOFINDO ICS are investigated and action in an effective and efficient manner this maintaining the integrity of SUCOFINDO ICS’s Certification Scheme for Quality Systems.

Receiving Complaints and Disputes

  • If complaints and disputes is verbal (direct or telephone) complainant shall be directly referred to SBU Head, if a SBU Head is not available, person receiving the complaint and disputes shall obtain contact details from the complainant and forward to SBU Head.
  • Complaints and Disputes received by either fax or mail shall be register as detailed in ADM 3.09 and forwarded to SBU Head.
  • When the audit, customers are given form Our Values Questionnaire (FRM 2.22 Kuesioner Nilai Kami) for feedback. If there is a complaints, then followed up according to procedure Handling of Complaints and Disputes (ADM 3.04).


Reviewing Complaint and Dispute

  • SBU Head shall contact the complainant (if applicable) or review detail of complaint and dispute as applicable and complete part 1 of the Complaint and Disputes Report (FRM 2.11). SBU Head at his/her discretion may request verbal Complaints and Disputes to be formalized in writing prior to proceeding.
  • If in the opinion of SBU Head a validation and an investigation is required. SBU Head shall assign an officer from the SUCOFINDO ICS to validate and investigate the issue of complaint and/dispute and ensuring that there is no conflict of interest. Investigation report shall be submitted to SBU Head within one month from the assigment date.
  • If the complaint and dispute is against an organization registered by SUCOFINDO ICS and subject to validation and an investigation, SBU Head shall formally notify the organization of receipt of a complaint and dispute.
  • Should in the opinion of SBU Head the complaint and dispute be invalid, a formal response stating such shall be forwarded to the complainant (if applicable) by SBU Head.


Performing Investigation

  • Investigator shall initiate an investigation of the complaint and dispute. Upon completing the investigation, investigator shall complete part 2 of FRM 2.11, attach other relevant information as required and submit to SBU Head.


Reviewing Investigation Report

  • SBU Head shall review the report (FRM 2.11) and determine the validity of the complaint and dispute.


Follow up Action

  • If the complaint and dispute is invalid, SBU Head shall inform the complainant by letter and file the report without further action subject to there is no appeals refer ADM 3.12.
  • If the complaint and dispute is valid, SBU Head shall taken appropriate action as recorded in part 3 of FRM 2.11, and the complainant (if applicable) to be informed by SBU Head with letter of the action taken.
  • Complaint handling process is subjected to confidential as relates to complainant and to subject of the complaint.
  • SBU Head shall determine, together with the client and complainant, whether the subject of the complaint and its resolution shall be made public.




To define the responsibilities and actions for handling of appeals.

Initiating Appeal

  • Organization shall initiate appeals in writing to the Chairman, Governing Board within 14 calendar days after receipt of the written notification of the SUCOFINDO ICS’s decision.


Forming an Appeals Panel

  • On receipt of an appeal the Chairman, Governing Board shall appoint an Appeal Panel and nominate the chairperson. The Appeals Panel shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members representing independent party such as member of Certification Management Committee and independent body such as arbitrage or accreditation body. The members of Appeal Panel shall be independent of the operation of SUCOFINDO ICS and the appellant.
  • The member representing independent body will be as chairperson of the Appeal Panel.


Meeting of Appeals Panel

  • The chairperson shall ensure a meeting of the Appeals Panel is held within 30 calendar days of receipt of such notice and the appellant shall is given at least 7 calendar days notice of the time and place of such a meeting.
  • At the meeting, the chairperson shall ensure that the appellant and SUCOFINDO ICS are heard in confidence and that proceedings are documented in minutes. Panel shall conduct a validation and investigation the appeal and consider the result of previous similar appeals.
  • The majority of the Appeals Panel as declared by the Chairperson shall be final. Submission, investigation and desicion on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant. The Chairperson shall formally inform the Vice President of the panel decision.


Informing Appellant

  • The Vice President shall formally inform the appellant of the decision and ensuring that approriate correction and corrective action are taken.